I/O Extended 2012 on board of the c-base spacestation

Didn't get a ticket for the I/O at Mountain View and are around the Berlin Area during that time?

Forget the 900$ ticket fee, forget booking the flight to the States, forget the pain of the actual travel and just enjoy in the comfort of the c-base space station instead.

For the second time the c-base is proud to be hosting the Google I/O Extended in Berlin and YOU are invited to join our Googly happening.

Register here


On Wednesday and Thursday at noon the c-base will be hosting a freestyle Hackathon around all Google APIs.
Get together with other enthusiasts, enhance your skills and make awesome stuff.

At 18:00 we'll switch the Context and set focus over to Mountain View and will watch the streams from the I/O at the Google Headquarters.

There will be 2 (maybe more) seperate rooms showing the voted tracks. After you have registered for a day you can vote on the 2 Sessions you want to see.

Join us on board of the Mother of all Hackerspaces that crashed Berlin a long time ago and has been home to all sorts of creative minds.

You can work either on software or improve your skills with the hardware side of the ADK.

Test your Android application on devices that the c-base has to offer.
From first generation mobile phone, two Google TV boxes and a variety of tablets.

TL;DR: Come or cry, it's going to be awesome!

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